Using TagUI for Data Extraction

How will TagUI Help

TagUI is a browser automation tool. With it we can set up a script that will run at periodic intervals to extract the data from your school system that ProLearning needs. We can do this by installing a browser extension that will upload your student data to the ProLearning crowd.

Installing TagUI

A prerequisite for using TagUI is to have JAVA JDK v8 (64-bit) or later. To install The JAVA v8 JDK on OSX follow these instructions. To install the JAVA V8 JDK on Windows follow these instructions.

Once you have installed JAVA, the next step is to install TagUI. Follow these instructions to do this.

Once you have TagUI installed we will use it to create automation scripts to upload your school data to the ProLearning platform

Installing the browser plugin comes next. You can get it from here here.

After the TagUI Chrome Browser plugin is installed you will notice a blue "i" in the top right corner of the Chrome Window. When this is clicked it brings up a menu that allows you to start a screen recording or export a new recording.

Create a new tab

Click start on the TagUI Chrome Browser plugin menu. (you have to click the little blue "i" to make it visible)

Log into your school portal.

Download the files that are needed for ProLearning.

Click Stop on the TagUI Chrome Browser plugin menu (you have to click the little blue "i" to make it visible)

Click Export on the TagUI Chrome Browser plugin menu (you have have to click the little blue "i" to make it visible)

This brings up a page with black writing on it. This page is the script that was created by you downloading the file. We can run it again and it will redownload the same file.

Save the script. You can do this by Clicking Save in the File Menu or by copying the text to another program, such as NotePad or TextEdit. You can do this by either copying all of the text on the screen (CTRL-A on Windows and Command-A will select all text in the screen, CTRL-C or Command-C twill copy the text to the clipboard ready for you to paste into an email or a text file to send to ProLearning.

We will modify the file and add facilities for it to run daily and upload the data into the ProLearning cloud securely. 

How it will be used


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