Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for ProLearning?

Contact us to register as an individual or to register your school.

What is the pricing for ProLearning?

ProLearning is provided on a per student per year subscription fee basis. Pricing also factors in the type of school. ProLearning typically creates savings for schools, enabling ProLearning to pay for itself within months. Please Contact us for more details.

What are the system requirements of ProLearning?

Users simply need to be able to get online. That is all. Your school simply needs Internet access and one or more mobile, laptop or PC devices with a browser.

IOS, Android, Microsoft platfroms are all supported and ProLearning is also available to authorised users from home or offsite.

In most cases, teachers can use ProLearning on whatever device they wish whilst school administrators will probably want to use a laptop or desktop computer for specific functions.

What is the relationship between RADII and ProLearning?

ProLearning Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of RADII. RADII, the Research Australia Development and Innovation Institute, is an independent educational research and services organisation. ProLearning Pty Ltd (ACN 623 118 865) was established as a company in its own right to further develop, market and deliver the ProLearning platform for schools and school systems worldwide.

How do I get support for ProLearning?

If you would like over the phone support as a ProLearning user, please phone us. See our Contact us page for details. For email support, please email 


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