The research base

ProLearning is a next-generation school and learning analytics platform. It provides schools an automated system to capture, analyse and interpret data for the improvement of individual learning and school performance.


How is ProLearning different and better than alternatives?

ProLearning is different because it puts evidence about student learning directly into the hands of teachers and school leaders, in real-time.

No ‘data literacy’ is required. ProLearning leaps over the need for school staff to be data-literate by using advanced computing and artificial intelligence to extract evidence from data and present it to school staff in the language of teaching and learning.

ProLearning is the first analytics system for schools that allows teachers to ask questions in the everyday lexicon of teaching and learning.


What are the benefits for my school?

  1. If your school produces lots of internal management reports, ProLearning will reduce the cost of producing them by 90%.
  2. ProLearning better informs teaching and learning by automating a real-time view of student learning through aggregating data from disparate silos, including summative and formative assessment, behaviour & attendance and the affective domains.
  3. ProLearning reduces teacher workload by automating data aggregation, analysis, interpretation & report generation
  4. ProLearing provides prognostics to assist in identifying potential ‘at risk’ students.


What is the ProLearning development roadmap?

We plan to add the following elements to ProLearning:

  1. Automated tracking and reporting on the growth of individual students, with alerts provided about students that are not meeting targets.
  2. Online formative assessment will capture real-time evidence about each student’s learning with the evidence being made available immediately to the teacher.
  3. The evidence made available to teachers about each student’s learning will identify the cognitive step in their learning where they have a problem, with links to supporting material about how to address the specific area.
  4. Scheduled realtime reporting to parents.
  5. Scheduling of any analysis, with the output being sent to designated staff in the school — there will be no need for many staff to login to the ProLearning platform. 
  6. An artificial intelligence interpretation engine will provide the evidence about each student’s learning to school staff in the everyday lexicon of teaching and learning — no need even to interpret visuals, unless you want to.
  7. The interpretation of evidence from each analysis will be streamed to mobile devices or laptops in realtime — only the School Administrator and those wanting to undertake research on the data will need to login to the web-platform.
  8. Teachers and others will interact entirely with the platform via voice through the mobile or desktop app.
  9. Automated measurement of affective student factors that impact on learning, eg: measures student engagement, well-being, resilience, etc.
  10. Automated measurement of key features of the school learning environment.
  11. Automated capture of information from school staff and parents about any matters that would normally be the focus of surveys.

ProLearning Applications