About us

ProLearning is an organisation focussed on learning and school improvement. We are a technologically advanced, research-based education services provider located in Melbourne and Sydney Australia.

ProLearning Pty Ltd (ACN 623 118 865) was founded by Professor Peter Cuttance in 2017. The company's product, 'ProLearning' is a Web-based platform. ProLearning is the fruit of years of school improvement research and development undertaken across thousands of schools, and eight years of advanced technical development.

ProLearning serves schools and school systems in the government, private, Lutheran and Catholic school sectors in Australia and plans to export its capability.

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Our team

The ProLearning team is commited to school improvement. We designed, developed and deploy and support the ProLearning platform for schools and schools systems. 

Our team includes specialists in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice recognition technologies; expertise in statistical analysis and programming and in education management. Our executive team is:


Professor Peter Cuttance - Founder and Chair

Professor Cuttance is the founder of RADII and ProLearning Pty Ltd. Previously, he was a professor in the Faculty of education, and Director of the Center for Applied Education Research at the University of Melbourne (Australia), and was formerly Professor and Head of School in the Faculty of Education at Sydney University.

Throughout his significant career, Professor Cuttance also held senior roles at state education departments. He continues to influence national education reforms and leads school improvement initiatives spanning the nation. 

Professor Cuttance is commited to addressing gaps in the services required to support the development and learning of young people during their schooling. He undertakes research in partnership with schools and community organisations. 

Professor Cuttance received his Doctorate in Education at the University of Edinburgh. He holds a Master of Social Science degree in Economics from the University of Waikato, and BSc from the University of Canterbury.

Professor Cuttance conceived and led the development of ProLearning. ProLearning elevates Professor Cuttance's analytical approaches to a scalable Web environment supported by Artificial Intelligence and other computing innovations that are accessible to teachers and school executives.

Professor Cuttance is based in Melbourne.

Susi Steigler-Peters - CEO

Susi is an accomplished education and technology executive. For almost a decade, Susi led Telstra Corporation's engagement with the education sector. Prior to that, Susi was Chief Education Officer at NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) Centre for Learning Innovation (CLI).

Susi currently serves on several media and community service organisation boards.

Susi applies her skills in leadership, business and marketing development to lead the ProLearning business. Susi is well respected across the Australian education sector and shares Professor Cuttance's vision for school improvement that is enabled through Internet technologies.

Susi was awared a BA (Hons) Dip Ed by the University of Newcastle and the University of New England. Susi is based in Sydney.


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