ProLearning focuses on the use of evidence to improve student learning

The problem ProLearning solves

Many diverse factors influence student learning. Effective teaching and learning processes need to be informed by the full range of causal influences. ProLearning captures data and analyses it to understand the diverse factors that influence the learning of students, to inform improved learning and teaching — across schools and within schools — at the class, lesson, and individual student level.

Improving student learning and school performance

With ProLearning, the relationships between teacher grades, high-stakes exams, other assessments, attendance, behaviour, student engagement, aspirations, and attitudes, can all be incorporated into the analysis of learning across each student’s school journey.


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Why your school needs ProLearning

  • ProLearning is research-based, developed through years of educational research across thousands of schools and school systems.
  • With ProLearning, a proven research-based school improvement framework and process is now available to all teachers, schools and systems, online, real-time.
  • ProLearning enables each school to fully understand the various influences on student learning in order to deliver more effective teaching and learning strategies.
  • ProLearning harnesses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make sense of student learning in your school. The analyses of your data are based on embedded research knowledge about the factors that have been demonstrated to be critical in maximising student learning.
  • ProLearning places information and insights teachers need into their hands, whenever they ask for it.
  • ProLearning is not standing still. It is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), always improving.
  • School and school system customers attest to the value of ProLearning.

The ProLearning business case and pledge

ProLearning will save your school time and money and create value by:

  • Eliminating repetitive data extraction and processing that someone at your school currently undertakes multiple times every year, year-on-year.
  • Ensuring school decision-making is not undermined by inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • Providing a quantum leap in the quality of information that is targeted to staff across all roles in you school.
  • Improving teaching and student outcomes.

ProLearning enables your school to analyse a wide range of factors that influence learning about individual students, as well as analyse the effectiveness of current programs and improvement strategies within the school. This will lead to the development of more effective teaching programs, which will benefit all students.

We pledge to offer our service in the subsequent year at no charge to any school that earnestly implements ProLearning, but has not saved at least twice the cost of the subscription they previously spent undertaking the same work using manual (non-automated) approaches.

Who uses ProLearning?

  • School and system leadership teams.
  • Student support teams.
  • Heads of curriculum areas.
  • Teachers.
  • Students and parents also benefit from ProLearning insights generated.

ProLearning is role-based and easy to use. Staff do not require training. ProLearning reports and insights are generated in plain English, ready for immediate action.

Leadership team benefits

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of specific programs, and the cause of changes in their effectiveness.
  • Monitor trends in key measures for the school, year-levels, and for specific sub-groups of students.
  • Monitor and track progress towards targets and objectives in the school’s strategic plan.
  • Prepare self-evaluation reports for school review.

Heads of curriculum benefits

  • Assess variation across classes in the learning of different subgroups of students, and in the mastery of specific areas of skill and knowledge.
  • Use the insights from analyses to inform the development of a professional learning program.
  • Share effective teacher skills and knowledge across classes.

Teacher benefits

  • Diagnose the likely causes of the difficulties individual students have with their current learning.
  • Identify students ‘at-risk’ of not meeting their potential.
  • Undertake prognostic analyses to evaluate the potential outcomes from a student taking alternative pathways.
  • Undertake a baseline assessment of where each student is at the start of a semester or curriculum unit.
  • Conduct realtime assessment throughout the teaching of a curriculum unit.

Student and parent benefits

  • Identify learning strengths, gaps and progress in student learning.
  • Parents are able to better engage with the school, accessing ProLearning insights to support the child's education.
  • Students develop a more positive learning outlook, seeing it as a continuing process.

What about privacy?

ProLearning is an integrated cloud application that ensures all data that could be used to identify individuals is fully protected. We are committed to meeting the highest standards of data security and privacy for all schools that use ProLearning. We ensure that best practice methods are used to address privacy and security requirements for the use of school data.

ProLearning contracts TELSTRA's Security Unit to monitor the security of both the ProLearning platform and all practices and policies required for maintaining all data in a secure state.

ProLearning data is stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. All aspects of the application that are not undertaken within the school use key data in a fully encrypted state within the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The Microsoft Azure Cloud has been Certified as meeting international security standards including Australian government standards, and is listed on the Australian Government Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL). The certification indicates that the Microsoft Azure Cloud is accredited against the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP), based on the standards specified in the Information Security Manual (ISM), and therefore meets government security requirements for data that is not classified as secret.

What about ProLearning pricing?

Annual ProLearning subscription fees are based on school size and budget factors. The ProLearning license, hosting, support, set up and ongoing upgrades are all provided in the ProLearning subscription. Contact us to obtain an estimate of the annual subscription for your school or schools.

ProLearning and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer system that performs tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as, visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, advanced analytics, and translation between languages.

ProLearning implements a range of AI strategies to:

  • Translate your ordinary language questions into analytical questions.
  • Make educational and analytical decisions about the best approach to analysing your data to answer the questions you ask.
  • Learn from the data available across all schools to provide information about how to improve programs and learning for individual students in your school.
  • Determine whether changes in your data represent ‘real’ educational changes or whether they are irrelevant 'noise' in the data
  • Interpret the analytical output to provide you with answers in the everyday language of schools.

Who is ProLearning?

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