About us

RADII was one of the foundation providers of state school reviews for the Government of Victoria and conducted school reviews from 1997-2017. During this period, RADII Teams conducted more than 3,500 school reviews — ranging from schools performing below threshold levels, through to the highest performing schools in the State. Professor Cuttance is a foundation director of the Australasian Schools Accreditation Agency (ASAA), the only non-government organisation certified by the Australian Government to provide school performance accreditation. ASAA was established to develop a strong educationally focused accreditation process.

RADII's charter

  • RADII is committed to the improvement of learning and school performance.
  • Its major focus is on turning data available in schools into evidence that can be used to make better decisions about school management, and teaching and learning.
  • The foundation of its approach is to embed most of the skills and knowledge required to automate the journey from data capture to putting the evidence into the hands of those who require it.
  • A core premiss of its work is that staff in schools should not have to do any work to access evidence they require, or to analyse the data that provides the evidence.
  • Advances in artificial intelligence are used to infuse the applications it develops with knowledge from research about learning and school performance.

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