RADII, the Research Australia Development and Innovation Institute, is an independent educational research and services organisation serving schools throughout Australasia.

RADII was founded by Professor Peter Cuttance and Ms Keryn McGuinness to embed the knowledge gained from their professional careers in educational technologies for the improvement of student learning.

Our mission

The principal mission of RADII is to improve learning outcomes for students by providing research and advanced technologies to schools. In addition, RADII will establish a scholarship program for disadvantaged students who have restricted access to educational opportunities to enable them to achieve their potential during secondary and tertiary education.

Supporting schools to improve student learning

RADII aims to:

  • Improve learning outcomes for students
  • Provide evidence-based services to schools
  • Undertake evidence-based research on educational issues
  • Support organisations to undertake evidence-based research
  • Provide financial and other support to students with access to limited social capital who demonstrate their capacity to benefit from such additional developmental opportunities.

RADII’s programs make extensive use of advanced Internet technologies, developed from the ground up to address the context and needs of schools. The core findings of RADII’s research are made available to the broader community.

School reviews

RADII is one of the foundation providers of state school reviews for the Government of Victoria since 1997, and has conducted more than 3,500 school reviews over this period— ranging from schools performing below threshold levels, through to the highest performing schools in the State. Professor Cuttance is a foundation director of the Australasian Schools Accreditation Agency (ASAA), the only non-government organisation certified by the Australian Government to provide school performance accreditation. ASAA was established to develop a strong educationally focused accreditation process.


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